Alien enthusiasts gather near Area 51 in Nevada Desert …

Area 51, the secret place in the US where the US air force says they test new military secret weapons, while young people say there is a UFO, was indeed surrounded by alien theories enthusiasts, though the organization began as a joke. However, they were very few in number.

About 2 million people clicked a petition on a Facebook page promising to go to Zone 51 and force it to detect aliens.

The site spread as fast as it became dangerous. Facebook shut it down and the person who opened it said it was a joke. But for the US military it was no joke.

The Air Force openly declared that it would at all costs protect the valuable assets of the American people.

Meanwhile, the young people who are gathered are having difficulty finding accommodation. The area is very sparsely populated and there are almost no hotels. Around there are abandoned cities and wilderness.

However, those gathered today are no concern for the US military, as they were mostly peaceful young people, not at all “offensive” but simply looking for a chance to have fun.