Labradoodle, cute puppies or “Frankenstein” monster?

Labradoodle dogs are cute and charming, but have the same origins as the Frankenstein monster.

The creator of this dog breed, Uolli Konron, said he regrets having created the mix, and he doesn’t know why people keep on breeding these dogs.

“As if I opened the Pandora’s box. I launched a Frankenstein around the world. People multiply them for money. The unscrupulous growers mix them with inappropriate races, only to say they were the first to create them, “he says.

The Australian who created this particular breed in 1989, says he intended to make a dog with the lab skills of a lab, and with the fur of a poodle.

But even though he managed to make the combination work successfully, he feels remorseful because Labradwell is now multiplying for profit, and is not being carried on so that only healthy cubs are born.